when u make a joke and the whole class laughs


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The truth is we all get tired, we all get weary. In fact, if you never feel like giving up, then your dreams are too small. If you never feel like quitting, then you need to set some larger goals. When that pressure comes to get discouraged and to think about how you can’t take it anymore, that is completely normal. Every person feels that way at times. Joel Osteen (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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My coach told me I run like a girl and I told him that if he would speed up a little he could too. the back of an xc shirt (via runforfreetherapy)

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Q: wait you get to run hopefully ok ily

I hope so omg omg

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Q: how do you change the font for your blog title on this theme?

If you mean on mobile, you go to the little person icon in the corner while on your blog and click edit appearance! I am not totally sure how to do it from a computer.

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